Diana Van Nes

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  • City:New Canaan
  • State/Province:CT
  • Country:Not Available
Kites by  Diana Van Nes - Masterpiece Online
  • Artist Name:

    Diana Van Nes

  • Size:50 X 31
  • Frame Size:54 X 33
  • Category:


  • Medium:Mixed Media
  • Product type:UNIQUE


Kites The kite finds the wind. It flies tethered by string, maybe hoping the string will snap releasing it to climb to unknown heights. A square of mesh wire echoes the kite shape. The face behind, holds the string. Anchored in reality, she knows her form will never be lifted to catch upward drafts to arc and sail. She finds comfort though. Her flight, her wind dance depends not on the vagaries of the wind. Paradoxically it lies within her - the rigid wire form that holds the string. -Diana van Nes 2007

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