Benjamin M Johnson

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  • City:Tucson
  • State/Province:AZ
  • Country:Not Available
Great Blue Heron- by  Benjamin M Johnson - Masterpiece Online
Great Blue Heron-
  • Artist Name:

    Benjamin M Johnson

  • Size:20 X 16
  • Frame Size:22 X 18
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  • Medium:Oil on Panel
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$2400.00


Great Blue Heron: I often wonder what life as a Great Blue Heron feels like, and dream of being reincarnated as one. I look to these birds as teachers, with much I could learn about being alive, patient, and focused. Their hunting style combines slow, deliberate movements with precise, lightning-fast reactions. This, paired with their hardy, survivalist nature and their external elegance makes them birds that I admire greatly and just love to paint. This piece is a portrait, fusing some of the techniques of traditional European portrait painting with compositional elements inspired by traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking.

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