Madge T. Walls

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Paying the Price by  Madge T. Walls - Masterpiece Online
Paying the Price
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    Madge T. Walls

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Maui Realtor Laura McDaniel feels she has finally gotten her life on an even keel after a divorce and the disappearance of her teenage daughter Annie. When her favorite customers want to purchase a glamorous property that is For Sale By Owner, Laura's instincts warn her this will be the most difficult sale of her real estate career...and she's right. When Annie abruptly returns to Maui, distraught and pregnant, Laura faces the daunting possibility of raising her grandchild alone while trying to succeed in an all-consuming profession. Paying the Price vividly illustrates the daily life of a Realtor in Hawaii. Add a heaping helping of mother-daughter conflict, plus a quirky seller and bossy buyers, and the sum is a lively read on an armchair trip to the Valley Isle. The author was raised in Honolulu and raised her children on Maui, where she was a licensed Realtor and real estate instructor for many years. She wrote it as she lived it: the good, the bad, and the zany. The island sett

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