Colin Ruel

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  • City:West Tisbury
  • State/Province:MA
  • Country:Not Available
Unicorn Mirror by  Colin Ruel - Masterpiece Online
Unicorn Mirror
  • Artist Name:

    Colin Ruel

  • Size:30 X 40
  • Frame Size:32 X 42
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  • Medium:Acrylic on Panel
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$3200.00


My great grandfather was a lobsterman in Menemsha. He built the house my grandfather, Jimmy Morgan, grew up in and which my brother and I grew up in out of wood salvaged from shipwrecks. We grew up with this mythology of fishermen fishing stories. My grandfather would tell us of narrowly escaping being skewered by swordfish driving their swords through the dory’s that were sent out to collect the fish after they had been harpooned. He told of hauling aboard undetonated bombs off of Nomans Land in the dragger nets. He would tell us stories about nets full of fish. Huge swordfish. Bushels and bushels of scallops. The painting “Burning and Ascending” is a painting of my grandfather’s boat the wooden dragger Mary & Verna which he sold when he stopped fishing in 2004. When I was younger I would go down to the dock to see the fishermen unload the swordfish off the boats after the day’s haul.  My mind would swim and meld images of Gregory Peck in Moby Dick with the stories my grandfather

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