Mrs. Joy Kroeger Beckner

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  • City:Chesterfield
  • State/Province:MO
  • Country:Not Available
Siesta by Mrs. Joy Kroeger Beckner - Masterpiece Online
  • Artist Name:

    Mrs. Joy Kroeger Beckner

  • Size:6 X 20.5 X 10.5 X 0
  • Category:


  • Medium:Bronze
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$5900.00


The artist said, ""When Lizzie first came into my life on June 1, 1996, she was six and a half years old. She lay on the kitchen rug where she fell asleep in this beautiful twisted position. Lizzie is now fifteen years old and over all these years when she napped, she often would lie in the S-curve shown, or sometimes she switched to a Z-curve. They are equally beautiful to my eye and ideal for a sculpture in the round. She is in this position under my desk as I type now." "One day while visiting my mother-in-law Jeanne, Lizzie literally ventured into the tomato bed. She entangled herself among the vines and, after eating her fill, emerged covered with pollen. She smelled great -- just like fresh tomatoes! Then the little opportunist climbed up onto the dining room table and ate a whole plate of meat! She'd never done that before. Belly full, she fell sound asleep under the table where I was finishing the life-sized miniature "So Good to See You." While she was in "the dog house" for

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