Alex Alvis

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Look! #13/50 by  Alex Alvis - Masterpiece Online
Look! #13/50
  • Artist Name:

    Alex Alvis

  • Size:17 X 11 X 6 X 0
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  • Medium:Bronze
  • Product type:LIMITED EDITION OF 50
  • Price:$3300.00


The artist says, "This sculpture is called Look!, a young mustang seen searching the sky - but for what? My sculptures celebrate the enthusiasm, innocence, and wonder of the horses I feel so connected to. The smooth lines and colorful patinas show their elegance, courage, and playfulness. Their eyes reflect the ancient wisdom and serenity that is their heritage. And their elongated forms remind us of their ethereal and magical existence. I use a freestanding armature during the sculpting process to ensure natural balance and form. This armature is then covered with water-based clay made from paper pulp, pumice, talc and a binder. Traditional sculpting with water-based ceramic clay is tooheavy for my horse's long legs to support. The unique paper clay I use is delicatebut very light and, when it is wet, it is so fluid and workable I can form the muscles with my hands instead of using tools – allowing me to capture the personality of the horse with touch. I have many sculptures in var

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