Louis Pohl (1915-1999)

Painter and printmaker. ...

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Kapiolani Defying Pele by  Louis Pohl (1915-1999) - Masterpiece Online
Kapiolani Defying Pele
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    Louis Pohl (1915-1999)

  • Size:43 X 53.5
  • Frame Size:46 X 56.25
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  • Medium:Oil on canvas
  • Product type:UNIQUE


CHIEFESS KAPIOLANI (? - 1841)Chiefess Kapiolani (as opposed to Queen Kapiolani, wife of King Kalakaua) was the daughter of a chief of the Puna district on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Chiefess Kapiolani's bravery was her cloak. She demonstrated this on at least two occasions. The first dramatic and had far reaching effects. The second, was of a highly personal nature.Her conversion to Christianity was not enough to persuade her people to turn from Pele. Particularly those of the Puna and Ka`u districts for they were close to Kilauea which was frequented with volcanic activity. Pele, though only a demi-god, was perhaps the most visible and most feared of the Hawaiian gods. But her defiance of Pele came from a love for Christianity and she knew if her people were ever to see the light, she would have to break Pele's spell over them.In December of 1824, Chiefess Kapiolani journeyed from Kona to defy Pele outright and openly. Her family, friends, and attendants all begged her to stop. She sa

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