Ha Manh Thang

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Royal Rock by  Ha Manh Thang - Masterpiece Online
Royal Rock
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    Ha Manh Thang

  • Size:79 X 79
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  • Medium:Acrylic on Hand Made Silk Paper
  • Product type:UNIQUE


‘Royal Rock’ is a large acrylic on handmade silk paper figurative painting created by Vietnamese artist Ha Manh Thang in 2008. Featuring a bold palette made of a variety of colors such as orange, red, green and blue, the painting is a reflection of today’s social life in Vietnam. Combining acrylic on woven silk paper symbolizing both tradition and modernity, Ha Manh Thang depicts a group of musicians performing rock music. This mix between tradition and modernity is not limited to the medium used, as the characters’ clothes vary from jeans and jackets to the traditional silk áo dài worn by the woman on the left. The electric guitar on the bottom right, the iPhone, the beer and liquor bottles are in perfect contrast with the traditional musical instruments such as the ?àn t? bà lute and the cello, as well as the carved stone guardian lion S? t? ?á, depicted in the bottom left. Combined with a repetitious evocation of French high-end perfumes such as Chanel, Givenchy or Dior, the result

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