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Austral Islands Carve... by   Unknown - Masterpiece Online
Austral Islands Carve...
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    Pacific Art

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The Austral Islands are situated in the southernmost region of French Polynesia. The grouping of seven volcanic islands, termed the Austral Islands is famous for their distinctive wood carvings and intricate fiber weaving. The pieces made in the Austral Islands were traded with foreigners and spread throughout the world. The paddles were intricately carved in low relief with interlocking asymmetrical motifs. Though referred to as a ‘paddle’ by voyagers, the decorated cylindrical shaft is extremely frail while the leaf shaped blade is too large to serve a functional purpose. Without an identified utility it has been conjectured that these paddles were employed as emblems of rank and status crafted for ceremonial purposes. Celebrated for their expert craftsmanship, visitors to the Austral Islands sought out trade paddles as souvenirs. The growing demand for paddles from these islands, starting in the early 19th Century, promoted the production of ornately carved objects such as the p

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