Hon Chew Hee (1906-1993)

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Still Life - Sea Shell by  Hon Chew Hee (1906-1993) - Masterpiece Online
Still Life - Sea Shell
  • Artist Name:

    Hon Chew Hee (1906-1993)

  • Size:22 X 14.5
  • Frame Size:30 X 22.5
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  • Medium:Watercolor
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$1800.00


Hon Chew Hee’s dreamlike watercolor captivates the senses with rich color and soft texture. This still life highlights Hee’s skill in blending together lifelike forms with “abstract backgrounds” and in his use of wet on wet technique which is so difficult to achieve. Born on Maui and raised in China, Hon Chew Hee was trained in Europe and around the Pacific Rim, thus combining aspects of brush painting and cubist forms with naturalism.

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