D. Howard Hitchcock (1861-1943)

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Eruption at Kilauea, ... by  D. Howard Hitchcock (1861-1943) - Masterpiece Online
Eruption at Kilauea, ...
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    D. Howard Hitchcock (1861-1943)

  • Size:11.5 X 16.5
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  • Medium:Oil on canvas
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It was not the first time Hilo was threatened by lava. An eruption sequence that started at the summit in early May 1880 from vents on the northeast rift zone, eventually advanced toward Hilo in 1881, reaching it in August of that year. A few lobes came into town, one reaching just 70 m upslope of Komohana Street and another crossing Komohana Street and stalling near the intersection of Mohouli and Popolo Streets, just 1.7 km from Hilo Bay. As the 1880-1881 flow got closer to Hilo, people visited the flow more frequently. Many of the people who made the long, grueling hikes also made good observations of the eruption. The 1881 newspaper accounts by D.H. Hitchcock and others often described lava tunnels, viaducts, or conduits and how those internal tubes carried lava to the front of advancing lava.

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