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The Book of Shrines by  Heyoka Merrifield - Masterpiece Online
The Book of Shrines
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    Heyoka Merrifield

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In The Book of Shrines, Heyoka Merrifield uses prose, poetry and photographs to tell how his love of nature and the world's spiritual traditions has awakened his artistic vision. It explains too how he's been inspired to create "shrines" in the tradition of our ancestors that express the parts of humankind's mythologies that we need now to bring well-being, health, and prosperity to Mother Earth, her people, their children and their grandchildren for seven generations. Heyoka is a celebrated multi-media artist, medicine man, and author living in western Montana. Searching for the reason ancient art pieces radiated inner life and power has led him on a lifelong quest of learning. Touching the sacred within his work has brought him international acclaim, and his pieces appear in private collections around the world, including those of Cher, Elton John, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell and Neil Diamond. He has authored the books Sacred Art Sacred Earth, the White Buffalo Woman trilogy, an

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