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Orangutan, A Day in t... by  Rita Goldner - Masterpiece Online
Orangutan, A Day in t...
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    Rita Goldner

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When a young orangutan wakes in his nest of leaves, his day in the rainforest begins. He swings through the canopy searching for food, visits the river below, and encounters other Borneo wildlife-some of which create great danger. At day's end, he settles into a new nest of leaves, ready for another adventure tomorrow. Also includes glossary and fun facts. More fun facts and related activities are available on Goldner's blogsite. This fun and beautifully illustrated children's book will delight and captivate the early reader. - Gary Shapiro, Ph.D., President, Orang Utan Republik Foundation Conservancy A great resource to address many of the Common Core Literacy Standards. - Dr. Josephine Kelleher, Department of Teaching and Learning, Northern Arizona University A great first-look at the life of an orangutan. Children of all ages will be inspired to do all they can to help save the orangutans and their rainforest home! - Richard Zimmerman, Executive Director, Orangutan Outreac

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