John Strohbehn

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  • City:Bellingham
  • State/Province:WA
  • Country:Not Available
Emerge by  John Strohbehn - Masterpiece Online
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    John Strohbehn

  • Size:14 X 42 X 77 X 0
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  • Medium:Wood
  • Product type:UNIQUE


John Strohbehn Emerge Monkeypod wood on Granite base. John Strohbehn is a sculpture artist living and working on the Big Island. His sculpture Emerge is carved out of a solid piece of Monkeypod grown on the island. This large sculpture came from a massive tree that was salvaged by Kamuela Hardwoods. As they were taking the tree down one piece at a time they realized the center of the tree was hollow. It was so big one person could climb inside the tree and extend their arms without touching in any direction. The tree had grown under unique and stressful conditions which made the figure and shape of the wood one of a kind. These unique qualities are what caught John's eye as he walked past the raw timber. Upon closer inspection it was evident that the wood also had a wild and beautiful grain pattern. The form looked like a whale breaching upward and John thought it might make a great sculpture. The twisted shape was too wild to make lumber out of, it was perfect for sculpture. John's ab

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