Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis

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Gallery House Series:... by Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis - Masterpiece Online
Gallery House Series:...
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    Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis

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  • Medium:Latex
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The houses of the Santa Fe area have been influenced by the architect, John Gaw Meem (1894-1983). He is credited with the Pueblo Revival, a style which promotes mass driven, boxy adobe volumes with modest, vertically oriented windows. The principal spaces are high ceilinged and the entrances are sheltered by overhangs or deep recesses. The houses are not ornamented. Their interest derives from the arrangement and height variation of their volumes. The flat roofs, bounded by low parapets, are drained via projecting scuppers, which are copper lined wood troughs. Porches, gates and doors are often made of unfinished, natural wood. The exterior walls are finished with stucco, which may be subtly colored. The proposed house in my paintings has stuccoed volumes of pale yellow, pale orange, pale red and pale violet. The public spaces of this house — living room, dining room and kitchen — are separated from the private spaces — bedrooms and bathrooms — by a gallery. This is a fine space for

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