Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis

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Subway Crossing Serie... by Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis - Masterpiece Online
Subway Crossing Serie...
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    Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis

  • Size:22.5 X 22.5
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  • Medium:Latex
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This work is an outgrowth of the Route Map Graphics work completed in 2000. Davis wanted to produce a series of paintings depicting the crossing, in downtown Boston, of the four subway lines — Red, Green, Blue and Orange. Plan and elevation drawings were made of the four subway lines to determine their size, slope and spatial relationship. Four additional drawings were made to depict a corner view, allowing two elevations to be shown on a single graphic. These became the layout instructions for the paintings. A white cardboard model was constructed to depict the subway lines three dimensionally. The model was sized to fit into a cube approximately seven inches on a side. To evaluate the model's shadows, photographs were taken of it under four different lighting conditions. The photos with the most dynamic shadows were enlarged to depict the four corners under morning and afternoon lighting. The shadow lines were added to the previously made corner drawings and areas of the drawing w

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