Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis

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Airport Series: Fligh... by Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis - Masterpiece Online
Airport Series: Fligh...
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    Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis

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  • Medium:Latex
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Davis’s airport series of paintings illustrate a complex subject which involves color, motion, space, distance and order. Boston's Logan Airport aircraft activity is the subject. The presentation considers the runway layouts, the flight path angles, spacing, airline liveries and the daylight variations from full sunshine to full shadow. Davis’s research began with a visit to the airport's control tower, arranged by a Massport friend. The tower's height allowed an overview of the runways and their triangular layout. The core is an equilateral triangle with extended sides which form mile long runways. Between the tower's windows are electronic screens to display markers of aircraft approaching Boston from Europe or along the east coast. Flight angles were explained. Landing occurs at three degrees and takeoffs at nine degrees and both occur heading into the wind. Approaching aircraft use their lights which clearly show them in spaced linear alignments. Using his notes, Davis progressed

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