Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis

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Class One RR Series: ... by Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis - Masterpiece Online
Class One RR Series: ...
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    Mr. Malcolm Montague Davis

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  • Medium:Latex
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There are seven Class One railroads in the United States. This system of rail freight is the best in the world. Most of the freight rails, approximately 140,000 miles, are unnoticed by the majority of people. Yet, one freight train can carry the equivalent of two hundred and forty trailer trucks. However, these trucks on the Interstates are very noticeable and they compete with passenger vehicles. The number of ton miles of freight carried per year determines the size of the railroad. The Class One railroads have an annual revenue of two hundred and fifty million dollars, or more, a year. The western Class One railroads are the Union Pacific (the largest US railroad with ?45,400 miles of track) and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe with ?40,700 track miles. The eastern Class One railroads are CSX, a proper name, not an abbreviation, which stands for Chesapeake-Seaboard together) with ?28,900 track miles and Norfolk Southern with ?18,700 track miles. The northern Class One railroads are

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