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  • City:Stevensville
  • State/Province:MT
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Star of David (Turquo... by  Heyoka Merrifield - Masterpiece Online
Star of David (Turquo...
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    Heyoka Merrifield

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  • Medium:Oxidized patina silver
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$900.00


The Shield of David has two intertwining triangles. The top triangle strives upward toward God, while the lower strives downward toward the world. The intertwining represents the inseparable nature of the Jewish people. In the Middle East and North Africa it brings good luck, magic or family/community. The upper triangle can represent female powers, the lower male powers combined in unity and harmony. In alchmey, they symbolize fire and water, the reconciliation of opposites. The two Hebrew Letters are Yud, the infinite point and Chet, the life dynamic - run and return. Together they form Chai, the name of God.

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