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Tibetan Conch Shell by  Crystal Gypsy Designs - Masterpiece Online
Tibetan Conch Shell
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    Crystal Gypsy Designs

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This is an old Tibetan Pendant which is around 80 years old. The shell is from the Himalayas high on the plateaus. It is said that these plateaus were originally under water millions of years ago. Conch Shell is said to represent the spoken word of Buddha. Turquoise is known as the "Master Healer Stone", and is highly protective against negative energy around the wearer. It enhances communication skills and encourages one to "speak ones truth with love", as many emotions get buried rather than expressed negatively. Turquoise helps the wearer to live ones personal truth in all areas, therefore it is known as a highly spiritual stone, providing a soothing energy and bringing peace of mind. It is a sacred stone to the Tibetans as it represents the sky and helps to balance the mind and soul. Coral comes from the sea. It soothes the emotions and brings peace within the self. It helps to develop intuition, imagination and visualization and connects one with all the past spiritual masters

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