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#ME TOO. LIBERATION -... by  Neli Nenkova - Masterpiece Online
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    Neli Nenkova

  • Size:3.8 X 3.8
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  • Medium:Intaglio
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  • Price:$273.00


Paper Size: 11 x 15 Plate Size: 3.8 x 3.8 Purchase of SECRET/VOICE/LIBERATION: 3 prints together - discount price of $950 3 framed prints together - discount price of $1150 These prints reflect on the issues brought forward by the movement "#MeToo." #MeToo.SECRET, #MeToo.VOICE, and #MeToo.LIBERATION constitute three different stages of this recently confronted worldwide movement. The overlapping figures show the similarities in the stories shared by women. The ropes symbolize the confinement and hopelessness many of them felt and continue to feel. The final piece stands for the broken silence that unties the knots and enables the victim's slow assent to liberation and the return to balance.

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