Emily Groom


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Untitled by  Emily Groom - Masterpiece Online
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    Emily Groom

  • Size:20 X 26
  • Frame Size:27 X 33
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  • Medium:Oil on Canvas
  • Product type:UNIQUE
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THIS IS A RARE PAINTING OF EMILY GROOM'S COTTAGE AND ART STUDIO IN GENESEE, WI. It is in the gallery collection, and sorry, is not available to purchase at this time. In 1917 Emily Groom and her sister Mary purchased an acre of land in Genesee, WI and built a cottage/studio. "This studio held a very special place in Emily's life and inspired much of her art". They planted the fruit trees, lilacs, grape arbors, raspberry and currant bushes, flowers and vegetables. In 1922 the cottage was expanded by adding a large studio room to the back.

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