Marc Chagall

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The Violinist Sculp... by  Marc Chagall - Masterpiece Online
"The Violinist" Sculp...
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    Marc Chagall

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'The Violinist" - After Marc Chagall (1887 - 1985, Russian/French) Patinated and Enameled Bronze Sculpture. Inspired by Chagall's Paintings, "The Green Violinist" and "The Blue Violinist." This statue is approximately 30 inches tall and was created using the "lost wax method." Inscribed with the names of both the creator, Chagall, and the sculptor Castano, the piece also has a copyright stamp and date. There were 100 of these made and this is number 25 of 100. The base of the sculpture is round. Many other sculptures in the edition are on a rectangular base. The round base is soo much cooler!!!!! This item ships free in the US. Mexican sculptor, Castano, (born Guillermo Castaño Ramírez) casts his own sculptures in bronze, using the ‘lost wax’ process and creates his own patinas. He also produces sculptures in ceramics. Castano has also created sculptures inspired by the work of other Master Artists such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Marc Chagall painted "The Green Violin

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