Georges Braque

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Braque Lithographe by  Georges Braque - Masterpiece Online
Braque Lithographe
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    Georges Braque

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    Rare Books

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Book: "Braque Lithographe" (Lithography) - 1963, with 3 lithographs by Georges Braque. Mourlot Fernand. Monte Carlo, Andre Sauret, 1963. Preface by Francis Ponge. Catalogue of Georges Braque lithographic works, with 3 original lithographs: cover, frontispiece, and decoration on the title page. Illustrated with 146 lithographic reproductions. Limited edition. Bounded on the original lithographic wrappers, original glassine, with slipcase. Own three original Braque lithographs at a reasonable price! Ships free in the US.

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