Mrs. Myra Abelson

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  • City:Newton
  • State/Province:MA
  • Country:USA
Inca Inspired by Mrs. Myra Abelson - Masterpiece Online
Inca Inspired
  • Artist Name:

    Mrs. Myra Abelson

  • Size:20 X 24
  • Frame Size:0 X 0
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  • Medium:Oil
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$950.00


This piece is featured in Beacon Gallery’s show “Synaesthesia: Abstract Art & Creative Writing.” The poem below was written to accompany the painting in the show. “Progression” by Christopher Lee Stone cold Habits old A seemingly colorless and impenetrable foundation Until the cracks begin to show—a humbling sensation Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Bone on bone More weight than a human spine can bear—when misaligned and alone Until a new and less rigid form can be taken Shaped and moved by spirit, signs that awaken Unexpected connections, unfamiliar choices Body rebuilt with the help of distant voices Plenty left for a soul to redefine Blue and purple light, no longer hidden in the mind

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