Joan Miro

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Dutch Interior by  Joan Miro - Masterpiece Online
Dutch Interior
  • Artist Name:

    Joan Miro

  • Size:11 X 9
  • Frame Size:24 X 21
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  • Medium:Lithograph
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$1150.00


Joan Miro (1893-1983, Spain) -This lithograph is based on the artist's 1928 oil painting "Dutch Interior I" (Interior Hollandes 1). The image measures 11 x 9 inches, the work is signed in the margin, and the piece has been framed to museum specifications measuring 24 x 21 inches. An abstract/surrealism composition inspired by a postcard, Miro re-imagined Hendrick Martensz Sorgh's 1660 painting, "The Lute Player." The piece is signed Miro, framed to museum specs. Miro's "Dutch Interior I" depicts the form of a man playing a guitar with a dog, cat, pictures on the wall, and a window that the man is leaned up against. The man's body is a huge white blob. The head has a red circle at the top that represents the brain and holds the eyes and mouth. The eyes are two bird like figures facing one another and the mouth is another bird like figure with white teeth coming from all directions. The left ear resembles an antenna. The left hand is a triangle and the figure has one leg coming down

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