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Violinist by  Duaiv  - Masterpiece Online
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  • Size:30 X 25
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  • Medium:Lithograph
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Duaiv (b. 1952 as Jean-Marie Duaiv) "Violinist" is an off-set lithograph. It is hand signed in pencil and numbered (219/300.) The piece measures 30" w x 25" h (Paper) and 24" x 19" (Image.) Unframed. Known simply as "Duaiv"(pronounced Doo-arf) the artist is a French-American impressionist and an accomplished cellist. His work is luminous and bright, with tumultuous vitality. Today, Duaiv is a Commander of the Order of the Star of Europe and undoubtedly one of the most distinguished French Impressionists alive today. Duaiv demonstrated his artistic talent at a distinctly young age. He began painting at the age of 3 and had completed his first work in oil at the age of nine. But the young artist also showed early promise as a musician. So, when Duaiv was of age, he was enrolled in both the Conservatory of Music and the School of Fine Arts in Paris, where he met and married Magella, a classical ballet dancer. Today, they have two children Kalinka and Vlasseuskaia. Duaiv became a c

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