Jean Charlot (1898-1979)

Born in Paris 1898, Jean...

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Spear Thrower, 55/200 by  Jean Charlot (1898-1979) - Masterpiece Online
Spear Thrower, 55/200
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    Jean Charlot (1898-1979)

  • Size:15.25 X 20.25
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  • Medium:Serigraph
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  • Price:$500.00


Colored lithograph. From Picture Book II (no. 20, Fiji). Caption: "The black arm hurls the black spear; its lethal trajectory parallels the spine of the banana leaf. That happened in the long ago. Today, the spear is laid to rest in a museum case with a label attached, like a corpse forgotten in a morgue drawer." (JC)

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