Ferdinand Preiss

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Diana the Huntress by  Ferdinand Preiss - Masterpiece Online
Diana the Huntress
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    Ferdinand Preiss

  • Size:15 X 10
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  • Medium:Bronze
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"Diana the Huntress" - After Ferdinand Preiss (1882-1943, Germany.) Bronze sculpture with brown patina, cast using the Lost Wax Method, mounted on a marble base, and signed F. Preiss. This sculpture depicts the beloved goddess with her iconic crossbow, as she draws back on the string. She holds the perfect hunter's form with legs firmly locked, and her body forms a line as her eyes are fixed on a target. Dimensions with Marble Base: 15" x 10." Weight is 12 LBS. Ships free in the US. Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss was one of the greatest sculptors/carvers of bronze and ivory works during the Art Deco period in the 1920s and 1930s. Preiss and his business partner, Arthur Kassler, founded the company Preiss & Kassler, an ivory-carving business with a workshop in Berlin. At first, the collection consisted of small ivory carvings with classical motifs. Beginning in 1910, the carvings combined bronze and ivory, and then later he specialized in Art Deco style cabinet sculptures wh

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