Roy Lichtenstein

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Water Lillies with Ja... by  Roy Lichtenstein - Masterpiece Online
Water Lillies with Ja...
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    Roy Lichtenstein

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  • Medium:Lithograph
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Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997, USA) - "Water Lillies with Japanese Bridge" (1992.) Image used for a poster for Fundación Juan March, Madrid, Spain, "Lichtenstein de Principio A Fin," (Beginning to End) Exhibition held February to May 2007. Copyright by the Estate of Roy Lichtenstein. Offset Lithograph. Size: 23" x 38.5" Unframed. Ships free in U.S. "Water Lillies with Japanese Bridge" (1992) is one of a series of six screenprints on stainless steel that Lichtenstein made on the subject of water lillies, a series which pays homage to Claude Monet’s (1840–1926) ‘Nymphéas’ paintings of water lillies. Lichtenstein collaborated with Donald Saff at Saff Tech Arts in Oxford, Maryland to produce the prints. Recorded in the catalogue raisonné of the artist’s prints (Corlett 1994, pp.241–2). The work is a highly accomplished and innovative form of printmaking on stainless steel, and involved the development of a new technique in order to achieve a particular pattern on the metal. Roy Lic

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