Vlad Yakerson

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Boats, Original Oil o... by  Vlad Yakerson - Masterpiece Online
Boats, Original Oil o...
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    Vlad Yakerson

  • Size:14 X 18
  • Frame Size:14 X 18
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  • Medium:Oil
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$295.00


VLAD YAKERSON - Original oil on Canvas. With bright colors and strong compositions, Vlad Yakerson paints stunning seascapes. This piece is an untitled original oil painting on canvas, hand signed by the artist. This work of art is 18" x 14" and ready to hang! Vlad Yakerson is truly an artists’ artist. Born in the early 60’s, a master in every medium, he has painted landscapes in such a way that he captures traces of light in a fleeting moment. Over the years his more contemporary landscape works exemplifies his creative genius. Vlad continually pushes the boundaries of artistic freedom to explore, that which makes an artist great. In his words, “ I’ve only begun to stretch to the far end of my abilities” He has participated in numerous one man shows and group exhibitions throughout Europe and sold his works in the world’s most prestigious art platforms. Many have compared his confidence and ability to handle paint to the great masters of landscape, giving a glimpse to his potential

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