Fairchild Paris

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Couples Cigar by  Fairchild Paris - Masterpiece Online
Couples Cigar
  • Artist Name:

    Fairchild Paris

  • Size:16 X 20
  • Frame Size:16 X 20
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  • Medium:Original Issue
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$295.00


"Couple's Cigar" Vintage Havana Cohiba ad Printed on tobacco leaf paper Framed Wall Art by Fairchild Paris. Framed and ready to hang High quality card stock/ framed under wood and plexi-glass. The clear plexi glass is easy to clean and will protect your image for years to come. Wooden frame ensures lasting durability. Approximately 16"x 20." Ships free in the US. Fairchild Paris is an art brokerage house specializing in fashion, music and lifestyle themes. What makes the Fairchild Paris collection interesting are the unique designs and the stories behind the art. Brands, retailers, musicians and nightclubs for marketing and advertising purposes commissioned most of the pieces.

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