Mayumi Oda

Mayumi Oda (b. 1941), t...

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  • City:Kealakekua
  • State/Province:HI
  • Country:Not Available
Sea Turtle, #21/50 by  Mayumi Oda - Masterpiece Online
Sea Turtle, #21/50
  • Artist Name:

    Mayumi Oda

  • Size:38 X 25
  • Frame Size:45 X 32
  • Category:


  • Medium:Woodblock/Woodcut
  • Product type:OPEN


The Goddess of Wisdom, Manjusri meets the wise old sea turtle. The turtle supposedly has longevity. He is teaching us his ancient wisdom. In Hawaii, the sea turtle is called Honu. The turtle is considered the land itself in many traditions. So how can we be wise enough to keep the longevity of our earth? from Mayumi Oda's website

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