Colleen Kassner

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  • City:Milwaukee
  • State/Province:WI
  • Country:Not Available
The Bar that Couldn't... by  Colleen Kassner - Masterpiece Online
The Bar that Couldn't...
  • Artist Name:

    Colleen Kassner

  • Size:36 X 48
  • Frame Size:0 X 0
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  • Medium:Oil on Infrastructure Canvas
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$3400.00


German beer halls, at one time, were a staple of Milwaukee’s social life. Von Trier’s is such an establishment. News spread that it was going to remodel into a mid-century cocktail lounge and forego its German image. Immediately a collection of images was taken for a painting. After they were done and the painting drawn to canvas, the bar decided to remain a beer hall, remodeling the German interior and keeping the atmosphere. Pictured is a rendering of the original Von Trier’s, before the recent remodel. Many of the background items are now gone but the German beer hall spirit remains. They also have a great new menu!

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