Colleen Kassner

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  • City:Milwaukee
  • State/Province:WI
  • Country:Not Available
The Best Since 1955: ... by  Colleen Kassner - Masterpiece Online
The Best Since 1955: ...
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    Colleen Kassner

  • Size:36 X 48
  • Frame Size:0 X 0
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  • Medium:Oil on Infrastructure Canvas
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$3400.00


Jake’s Delicatessen has the best corned beef and pastrami in town. Ask anyone who has dined there! The building originally housed a butcher shop. At the time it was a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. In 1955 Jake Levin purchased the deli from Ruben Cohen and Jake’s was born. Jake ran the deli until his retirement in 1969.After Jake’s retirement, Bud Selig and partners purchased the restaurant. It is now owned by Stand Eat Drink Hospitality group. The interior has remained much the same with the old wooden booths, art deco style fixtures, and neon signage still intact. The friendly service and great sandwiches prevail.

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