Al Hirschfeld

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Bogart & Bergman in C... by  Al Hirschfeld - Masterpiece Online
Bogart & Bergman in C...
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    Al Hirschfeld

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  • Medium:Etching
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Al Hirschfeld (1903 - 2003, USA) "HUMPHREY BOGART AND INGRID BERGMAN IN CASABLANCA" (1995) - Hand-pulled etching, signed in pencil, numbered XXXVIII/L (38/50) with 'ES' blind stamp in the lower right. Featuring Al Hirschfeld's signature simple linear style, this caricature depicts Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in the 1942 Hollywood classic, "Casablanca." Capturing the iconic last scene of the film where Ilsa (Bergman) and Rick (Bogart) bid farewell at the airport, Hirschfeld pares the scene to its core, managing to capture the tension between the two characters with deep empathy.The artist was known for adding his daughter's name, 'Nina' into each image. In this one, 'Nina' is written in Bogey's left sleeve. The sheet size is 19' x 15" and the work of art ships unframed and free in the USA. Al Hirschfeld combined black and white linear drawing with portraiture to develop one of the most innovative and iconic visual languages. Known as one of the most influential caricaturist

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