Robert Lee Eskridge (1891-1975)

The dazzling murals, oil...

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Anthuriums by  Robert Lee Eskridge (1891-1975) - Masterpiece Online
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    Robert Lee Eskridge (1891-1975)

  • Size:23.5 X 29.5
  • Frame Size:27.5 X 33.5
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  • Medium:Oil on canvas
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$9900.00


A facile watercolorist, muralist, and illustrator in the Art Deco period, Robert Lee Eskridge (1891-1975) truly captured the feel of our tropical flowers. “His work is marked by clever drawing, expressive line and very effective color, with a strong sense of composition… Mr. Eskridge has a way of getting a great deal of content into his pictures without making them seem crowded… His harmonic areas and lovely shapes also reveal his understanding of the use of color. (Forbes: Encounters with Paradise, 1992)”

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