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Dragon/Phoenix Neckla... by  Heyoka Merrifield - Masterpiece Online
Dragon/Phoenix Neckla...
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    Heyoka Merrifield

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  • Medium:Turquoise
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Silver - Turquoise - 18" "?Dragons are one of our earliest representational symbols. For the Mayan people, he is called Quetzalcoatl or the Plumed Serpent, keeper of the day sky, the fire-bringer, and gift-bringer. In Europe, dragon stories show them guarding stolen treasures and virgins. They are also the keepers of ancient wisdom and the great storytellers. In Asia dragon has a place in the Chinese zodiacal cycle and is the lord of celestial creatures and the Phoenix is the earth. Dragons are shape-shifters represent spring, birth and creativity. In the northern sky, dragon is honored in the constellation of Draco. The myth of the Phoenix says that at the beginning of a new age, the Phoenix hatches from an egg within a fiery nest. The two phoenix birds on either side of the burning nest are the new age and its' mirror - the former age. The burning nest symbolizes the passing of the old way and the birth of the new way." _ Heyoka Merrifield

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