John M. Kelly (1878-1962)

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Horyuji by  John M. Kelly (1878-1962) - Masterpiece Online
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    John M. Kelly (1878-1962)

  • Size:18 X 14
  • Frame Size:27.5 X 22.75
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  • Medium:Aquatint
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  • Price:$3000.00


"During the 1950s, Kelly developed new bodies of work related to the pictorial heritage of Buddhism, basing his imagery on wall murals and rock engravings in Japan, China, and India. He studied, gathered, clipped, and saved a variety of material illustrating the Ajanta Caves of India, Japan's Horyuji Monastery near Nara, and Chinese art." page 141, Hawaiian Idyll. H?ry?-ji is a Buddhist temple that was once one of the powerful Seven Great Temples, in Ikaruga, Nara Prefecture, Japan. Its full name is H?ry? Gakumonji, or Learning Temple of the Flourishing Law, the complex serving as both a seminary and monastery.

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