Angela Muller

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  • City:Russell
  • State/Province:KS
  • Country:USA
Prosper Me by  Angela Muller - Masterpiece Online
Prosper Me
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    Angela Muller

  • Size:36 X 24
  • Frame Size:0 X 0
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  • Medium:Mixed Media Painting
  • Product type:UNIQUE
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The American Prairie is a great underpinning to the firmament. The land here is a deep plain of inky soil from which life springs and prospers. I painted this piece at the time of the spring equinox, when the wheel of the year turns toward life and the tall grass is burned so the roots grow strong again. To symbolize this great greening from the depths, I created a canvas of handmade stone texture embedded with Kansas grain, then applied layers of thick, tarry earth pigments, oxidized iron and airy acrylic. The colors are blended and eroded with natural stone slabs. Together, the elements remind us to shed what no longer serves, like cold and bitterness, and grow into light.

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