Richard LeSesne

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Untitled IV (unframed) by  Richard LeSesne - Masterpiece Online
Untitled IV (unframed)
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    Richard LeSesne

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  • Medium:Digital Photography
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Printed on Premium Luster Paper (unframed) in a very limited edition of 50 This photograph depicts one of the early beach races that took place directly on the sandy beaches of Daytona Beach and surrounding areas. Crowds line the track as cars make a quick turn around a sand dune. Richard LeSesne’s black and white photographs were discovered in archives and restored to reveal stunning images of life in Daytona Beach during the early first half of the 20th century. His images beautifully frame the setting of a coastal town with big ambitions and a knack for showmanship. Crowds gather round to get a sneak peak of the new vehicular technology and line up for the races where the fastest cars of the time period rush by eager onlookers.

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