Susan McGovney Hansen (1933-2011)

An award-winning painter...

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Laule'a by  Susan McGovney Hansen (1933-2011) - Masterpiece Online
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    Susan McGovney Hansen (1933-2011)

  • Size:40 X 50
  • Frame Size:48.5 X 58.5
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  • Medium:Acrylic
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Susan McGovney Hansen produced a sizable collection of acrylics, oils, pastels, and watercolors depicting Hawaiian figures — especially women — in media res. Hansen’s Hawaiians are masterful studies in contrast: The forms are solidly fleshed, yet their billowing dresses and windswept lei inject a hypnotic vitality into the canvas. As the central figure sets a rhythm with her ?uli?uli, the two dancers flanking her move to the beat. This acrylic evokes Madge Tennent’s numerous cropped views of three Hawaiian women grouped together, but while Tennent enlivened her figures with whirling brushstrokes, Hansen has used their dramatically contoured poses and flowing garments to animate the scene. In the lower register, an unspecified kapa pattern cements this astonishing composition's ties to the Hawaiian Islands. Solid Koa frame, linen liner and gold filet.

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