D. Howard Hitchcock (1861-1943)

David Howard Hitchcock w...

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Puna Landscape by  D. Howard Hitchcock (1861-1943) - Masterpiece Online
Puna Landscape
  • Artist Name:

    D. Howard Hitchcock (1861-1943)

  • Size:11.5 X 19.5
  • Frame Size:18 X 26.25
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  • Medium:Oil on Masonite
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$26600.00


The painting appears in black and white in a book entitled Hilo-A Century of Paintings and Drawings, 1825-1925 by David Forbes and Thomas Kunichika. It is shown on page #43 and is entitled Puna, 1902 by D. Howard Hitchcock. Special thanks to Honolulu Museum of Art Trustee and collector Michael Horikawa for this confirmation. courtesy of Kapalaea Fine Art Framed in Koa.

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