Mark Kostabi

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Absolute Ensemble in ... by  Mark Kostabi - Masterpiece Online
Absolute Ensemble in ...
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    Mark Kostabi

  • Size:27 X 22
  • Frame Size:37.5 X 25.5
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  • Medium:Exhibit Poster
  • Product type:OPEN
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Mark Kostabi, (b. 1960, USA) "Absolute Ensemble in Kostabi World" is a plate-signed, open edition, offset lithograph poster after the original 1995 oil painting. The image was used on this poster to advertise a concert held at “Kostabi World,” the musician/artist’s Manhattan studio where people would gather for music and concerts amidst all the artwork. The unframed dimensions are 27 x 22 inches, and with the simple white frame, it measures 37.5 x 25.5.

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