Marc Chagall

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The Song of Songs by  Marc Chagall - Masterpiece Online
The Song of Songs
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    Marc Chagall

  • Size:30 X 20
  • Frame Size:40 X 30
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  • Medium:Exhibit Poster
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(After) Marc Chagall (1887-1985, Russian/French) "The Song of Songs" (Le Cantique Des Cantiques, 1975.) The work of art is enhanced by the complimentary signature of the artist. (A pencil signature on a print that was not supposed to be signed is called a complimentary signature.) This is a poster that was published by the Society of Friends of the National Marc Chagall Biblical Message Museum in Nice, France. It was printed in order to publicize that museum in Japan(ese.) The image used is that of an original Chagall oil painting that had been re-created in 1975 by Charles Sorlier as a lithograph in colors and printed by Mourlot. Depicted in the upper portion is a bride and groom embracing each other, their elongated bodies seamlessly merging into one being as they gaze into each other's eyes radiating love. The bottom, upside down image is of a shepherd following a lone sheep beneath an illuminated crescent moon. The sight measures 29.25 x 19.75 inches, and with glass and f

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