Guillermo Galindo

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HPP5 (hormigopsycotic... by  Guillermo Galindo - Masterpiece Online
HPP5 (hormigopsycotic...
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    Guillermo Galindo

  • Size:9.5 X 48
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  • Medium:Pigmented acrylic ink on aluminum and acrylic
  • Product type:UNIQUE


Graphic laboratory data 2087 This scientific designed masterpiece tells a futuristic conceptual story through data collected in the future. Abstract designs flows from left to right capturing the eye with familiar textures and colors. Galindo calls this body of work “genome scores”, which merge textures of plants, animals, and microbes. Galindo’s art is his unique symbolic language to evoke how research and data have historically expressed and sustained systems of power, particularly relating to colonialism. Larger images of the work are available upon request.

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