Lloyd Sexton (1912–1990)

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View towards Hualalai by  Lloyd Sexton (1912–1990) - Masterpiece Online
View towards Hualalai
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    Lloyd Sexton (1912–1990)

  • Size:16 X 24
  • Frame Size:26 X 34
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  • Medium:Oil on canvas
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$49000.00


This 1975 painting demonstrates Lloyd Sexton’s beautiful color palette and detail. His work usually combines this soft coloration with a finely tuned realism and, his superb shadowing technique is common throughout his much sought-after paintings. They draw the viewer into the canvas. The view from Kuki'o towards Hualalai and its flanking cinder cones at Pu’u Wa’a Wa’a is breathtaking. Kiawe and coconut groves fill the tranquil shoreline. Original vintage frame.

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