Edna Hibel

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Glory Hope by  Edna Hibel - Masterpiece Online
Glory Hope
  • Artist Name:

    Edna Hibel

  • Size:22 X 18
  • Frame Size:28.5 X 22.5
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  • Medium:Exhibit Poster
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$195.00


Edna Hibel (1917 – 2014) “Glory Hope” is the title of the art used for a poster honoring the 20th Anniversary of the Edna Hibel Society in 1996. The poster itself is titled, "The Heart and Conscience of America"; which were words used by Ms. Lucy Baines Johnson to describe Edna Hibel. Featured is a little girl with an American flag. This image is an enlarged detail of a portion of the 50 x 40-foot oil painting titled, “Our Mothers Before Us” that the artist created in 1995 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote. The poster sheet measures 22 x 18 inches, and with the mat and frame, the dimensions are 28.5 x 22.5 inches.

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