Nano Lopez

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  • City:WallaWalla
  • State/Province:WA
  • Country:Not Available
Samantha  Artist Proof by  Nano Lopez - Masterpiece Online
Samantha Artist Proof
  • Artist Name:

    Nano Lopez

  • Size:23 X 21.5 X 13 X 0
  • Category:


  • Medium:Bronze
  • Product type:LIMITED EDITION OF 204


Samantha is the proud Aunt of Samuel the poet. Herself, an avid reader, but her outstanding talent is the ability to submerge herself in mind and spirit, in total harmony with the soul of the forest. So well so, that her feathers start looking like the leaves of the trees. This artist proof Samantha has jewels and extra embellishing with a smaller edition size, making her a collectors dream.

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