Mrs. Kathy Long

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  • City:Kamuela
  • State/Province:HI
  • Country:Not Available
Hula Rainbow by Mrs. Kathy Long - Masterpiece Online
Hula Rainbow
  • Artist Name:

    Mrs. Kathy Long

  • Size:23.5 X 29.5
  • Frame Size:31 X 38
  • Category:


  • Medium:Pastel
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$9500.00


HULA RAINBOW. While attending a performance up at Volcano, on the Big Island, I noticed that the skirts worn by the dancers, each of which had been died by hand with native dies, created a beautiful rainbow. A reminder to everyone to embrace the diversity of the many races, shapes and sizes of our hula sisters today. That was and is, the way of the Hawaiians.

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